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Digital TDS meter tester used for measuring Total Dissolved Solids present in the water. For measurement of TDS use the following instructions.

Operating Instructions:

  • Taking TDS Measurements Remove the protective cap. Turn the TDS meter on.
  • Immerse the meter into the water/solution up to the maximum immersion level (2 inch).
  • Lightly stir the meter to dislodge any air bubbles. Wait until the display stabilizes.
  • Once the reading stabilizes (approx. 10 seconds), press the HOLD button to view the reading out of the water.
  • If the meter displays a flashing x10 symbol, multiply the reading by 10.
  • Auto Off Function to Save Battery
  • After usage, shake off any excess water from your meter and close the cap.


  • The meter is not water-tight. Do not dip the meter beyond the water level limit.
  • Do not store the meter in high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • Do not attempt to open the housing or tinker with the electronics of the unit.

Digital TDS Meter Water Quality Testing Device 6 Months Warranty

  • 1) The customer will notify the company in writing or by calling helpline promptly if any Defect Are Notice and Give the Company or Authorized Agent Adequate Opportunity to solve the problem.

    2) The Company Obligation under This warranty Shall Be Limited to Repair or Provide Replacement of Parts only Which Are Found Defective.

    3) The Company Liability under This Warranty is confined to the First Purchaser of The Product Only and Is Non Transferable.

    4) Water damage or physical damage Not Covered under Warranty.

    5) Warranty: Carry in type according to company terms and conditions.

    6) Under No Circumstances the Liability of Satya Neer Shall exceeds The Value of Product.

    7) Availability: Pan India.

    8) Installation not required.

    9) Final Product design may change little due to quality improvement however capacity will be same.

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