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How to start non-packaged purified drinking water plant | what are licenses and requirements ?

There are two common scenarios and you need to start your work accordignly.

1. Selling through water dispensers or kiosks:


  • FSSAI License: This is mandatory for any business dealing with food or beverages, including non-packaged drinking water. Depending on your annual turnover:

  • Basic FSSAI Registration: If your turnover is below Rs. 12 lakhs per year. This is simpler and faster to obtain.

  • State FSSAI License: If your turnover exceeds Rs. 12 lakhs but is below Rs. 20 crore per year. Requires more comprehensive documentation and inspections.

  • Trade License: Issued by the Municipal Corporation to authorize business operations within their jurisdiction.


  • FSSAI registration fees vary depending on the license type and annual turnover. Basic registration is nominal, while state licenses have higher fees.

  • Trade license fees also vary based on location and business size.


  • FSSAI application form with required details like business nature, turnover, address, etc.

  • Proof of identity and address of business owner(s).

  • Detailed water purification process flow chart.

  • Water quality test reports from an accredited laboratory.

  • Rental agreement or ownership documents for the premises.

  • Trade license application form.


  1. Choose your FSSAI license type based on your expected turnover.

  2. Gather necessary documents for FSSAI and trade license applications.

  3. Apply for FSSAI license online through the FSSAI website.

  4. Submit the physical application and documents to the designated FSSAI office.

  5. Once FSSAI license is obtained, apply for a trade license online or offline at the Municipal Corporation office.

  6. Schedule inspections by FSSAI and Municipal Corporation officials to comply with food safety and business regulations.

  7. Maintain proper hygiene and water quality testing records for ongoing compliance.

2. Selling through delivery or refill services:


  • In addition to the FSSAI and trade licenses mentioned above, you might also require:

  • Transport License: If you're delivering water across different zones within Your City Area.

  • Vehicle Permit: If you're using vehicles for delivery or water refilling.


  • Additional fees apply for transport licenses and vehicle permits.


  • Additional documents might be required for transport licenses and vehicle permits, such as vehicle registration, driver's licenses, etc.


  • Follow the steps mentioned above for FSSAI and trade licenses.

  • Apply for additional licenses like transport license and vehicle permit (if applicable) with relevant authorities.

  • Ensure your delivery vehicles and containers meet hygiene and safety standards.

  • Maintain proper records of deliveries and water refilling activities.

Additional Notes:

  • It's advisable to consult with a food safety consultant or lawyer familiar with State regulations for specific guidance and potential additional requirements.

  • Consider joining relevant industry associations for support and updates on regulations.

  • Remember to renew your licenses periodically as required by the authorities.

By following these steps and obtaining the necessary licenses, you can legally sell non-packaged purified water in your city while ensuring quality and safety for your customers.

I hope these informations will help you to understand the process of How to start non-packaged purified drinking water plant, for more specific information please visit local bodies responsible to implement rules and regulations.

How to start non-packaged purified drinking water plant
Drinking Water

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